A FAMILY is under house arrest after testing positive for COVID-19 and skipping quarantine measures.

The four members, two parents and their two children, received their diagnosis in Huesca last week but refused to self isolate.

Aragon health authorities felt there was no other option but to request around-the-clock surveillance from a judge.

The court ruled in their favour and there is now 24-hour surveillance on the family to ensure they don’t break confinement rules and risk spreading coronavirus further.

According to El Mundo, the family came from a shanty town in Loma Verde.

The makeshift houses has around 80 people living in them and there have been several COVID-19 infections.

However most are self-isolating but while Policia Local are carrying out patrols, there is no 24/7 surveillance.

Social services are working with families there to ensure they have enough food and supplies.

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