BLOCKCHAIN experts from around the world will take on some of the health, economic and social issues created by the pandemic.

The Post-Covid Hackathon is being organised by private companies with Gibraltar Finance and will start in mid-August.

It will bring together over 200 industry experts to create open-source solutions using blockchain technology.

The possibility of using digital token economies will also be looked at with the rise of Cryptocurrency during the global crisis.

“The introduction of government-led contact-tracing apps, for example, will require strict adherence to data protection measures,” said Minister for Digital and Financial Services Albert Isola.

“I am excited and look forward to seeing the dynamic solutions that will arise from this initiative.

“They will be geared towards helping global communities adjust to the post-pandemic world.”

Open source

One of the organising companies is Consilium, which moved its home base from London to Gibraltar last year.

“The objective of Post Covid Hack is to mobilise the blockchain community’s coding talent to build open, permission-less solutions and accelerate the Post Covid recovery process,” said Consilium CEO Eddy Travia.

“We welcome individuals and organisations to support this initiative and help us shape a positive ‘new normal’.”

The first Hackathon events will take place next month with the official launch on August 10.

“We genuinely believe in the transformational power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT),” said co-organising CEO of Indorse, Gaurang Torvekar.

This online hackathon allows us to crowdsource solutions that can benefit humanity as a whole and help us overcome the difficulties posed by the pandemic worldwide.”

Gibraltar Finance has been tasked to bring more online businesses to the Rock, using its effective fight against COVID-19 as a promotion tool.

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