FOUR COVID-19 cases are currently active on the Rock, with the Chief Minister suggesting the pandemic is ‘far from over’.

The warning comes as Gibraltar moves to complete ‘Unlock the Rock’ on August 1.

The four current cases are spread out equally between two in Gibraltar and two cross-frontier workers in Spain.

It comes as the number of tests rose to nearly 19,000 meaning more than half of the population has been tested since March.

Local authorities met yesterday to plan for the cooler months when the virus could resurface.

The COVID Exco group brought together government ministers with the Governor, Commander British Forces, public health director and civil contingencies coordinator.

It looked at the work carried out so far to protect Gibraltar from the COVID-19 pandemic and what could be done better in the future.

“It is important that we continue our work and double down on our preparations for dealing with COVID 19,” said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

“The challenge this virus represents to our community, our people
and our nation is far from over.

“By continuing to work on planning for the autumn and winter now, we hope we will continue to be able to protect as many of our people as possible from the worst effects of the pandemic.”

The Gibraltar Contingency Council also met, co-chaired by the Chief Minister and the new governor.

This group examined international terrorism threats, asking the public to ‘remain vigilant’ and report anything unusual to the RGP.

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