A FRESH coronavirus outbreak has been detected on the Costa del Sol. 

According to the health ministry, there are four people who have tested positive and the outbreak is under investigation. 

There has also been another outbreak of around 16 people who are believed to have travelled together on an excursion to Huelva on a bus. 

The number of infected in that instance is expected to increase as tests are being performed on hikers who had direct contact with patients and who are already showing symptoms. 

Every person that went on the excursion has around 12 to 15 contacts that need to be tested, totalling to around 400 people.

Everyone from the trip had returned home for a few days before the first case was detected, meaning they could have been spreading the disease while being asymptomatic. 

Meanwhile, all other outbreaks in Malaga have seen no increase in cases. 

There have been 10 new cases detected by PCR spread across the province, however there are only six people in hospital, two less than yesterday, while another 17 people have fully recovered in the past 24 hours. 

Across the Andalucia region there are currently 32 active outbreaks, with eight being added in the past 24 hours. 

The hardest hit regions are Cordoba with 107 cases, Poniente de Almeria with 92 and the metropolitan area of Granada with 64.

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