GIBRALTARIANS have been warned to protect themselves from the tiger mosquito that has been on the Rock for a few years.

This latest airborne threat adds to that of the more common Culex mosquito which bites in the evening and night.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito has been known to transmit Dengue Fever and Chikungunya, although these diseases are not present in Gibraltar.

It breeds in damp areas like in still water like plant pot dishes, tyres and barrels.

“Persons should check their vicinity for small water containers and empty them out,” said the Gibraltar Government’s Ministry of the Environment.

“These mosquitoes are very determined biters.

“They fly silent, slow and low and usually bite the lower limbs so wearing socks and long trousers is useful.”

Although there is no evidence that mosquitoes can spread COVID-19, people travelling to areas with Zika, Dengue or Chikungunya are advised to warn the authorities.

Best remedies

According to the government, the best way to fight mosquitoes is using DEET insect repellant, with citronella oil considered to be ‘very shortlived’.

Loose clothing is useful too and covering up with clothes, is recommended.

Nets could be used at night, tucked under mattresses, but with enough space so it does not touch the skin.

Air conditioning can help create a sealed environment, especially as mosquitoes do not like colder temperatures.

However, air recirculation can lead to the spread of COVID-19 so it is being actively discouraged.

Plug-in mosquito devices can also be used but buzzers that emit high frequency waves are not effective.

There is no evidence that tea tree oil, Vitamin B, garlic or yeast extract can help fight the mosquito problem.

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