MAZARRON’S mayor has attacked comments that a return to Phase One lockdown measures is imminent in his area after a recent spike in coronavirus cases.

Gaspar Miras has warned that figures like Murcia´s health minister, Manuel Villegas, need to choose their words more carefully because unwarranted speculation has caused problems to his area’s business and tourist sectors.

Mazarron is a popular spot for foreign visitors, including those from the UK, who now to have to go into quarantine when they return home.

The municipality also includes the Camposol urbanisation which has a high proportion of British residents..

Manuel Villegas last Monday(July 27) suggested that Mazarron, along with Lorca, could join Totana in having Phase One restrictions imposed on them “within 72 hours”.

Gaspar Miras said his comments were unhelpful; “People in senior positions have to weigh up the consequences of what they say at all times as this can have consequences for the local economy, especially tourism.”

Miras is convinced that the new coronavirus case numbers in Mazarron are not as significant as in Totana, which returned to lockdown last week.

“I’m certain that we will not have to return to Phase One, and we only have 19 new cases compared to 108 in Totana.”

” Over the last 24 hours we have seen a reduction in fresh confirmed case with just four new reports,” the mayor added.

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