A nine-month-old baby was rushed to the Marina Salud Hospital in Dénia on Tuesday(July 28) after it was poisoned by drugs.

The child is out of danger and recovering well after ingesting cocaine and cannabis during a birthday party at a rented villa in Calpe on the northern Costa Blanca.

Authorities have ordered that the boy is not returned to his family until a full investigation is concluded over the incident.

The child’s parents, who live in Calpe, had left him in the care of his aunt on Tuesday morning.

She went along to a birthday party and noticed that the baby had put what looked like some tobacco and cigarettes into his mouth.

The woman, along with some friends, rushed him to hospital and a full set of blood and urine tests revealed that the boy had swallowed some drugs.

The Guardia Civil in Calpe have opened an enquiry, with local social services trying to work out whether the incident was just a random incident or part of a pattern of negligence involving the baby’s parents.

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