A WOMAN has plummeted from a third floor flat in the center of Andratx and is now in intensive care in Son Espases hospital. 

Circumstances are suspicious as neighbours heard screams and arguing moments before the fall. 

When authorities arrived at the scene they found the woman lying on the ground after falling for 12 meters. 

However, her injuries could have been fatal if it were not for a car parked below the flat cushioning the fall. 

Doctors at the scene stabilised the woman’s condition and identified some severe internal injuries. 

The victim’s daughters took to the streets screaming and were treated by medics for severe shock. 

Police are investigating the strange circumstances but currently believe the statements of several neighbours who said the woman launched herself from the flat voluntarily. 

It comes just days after a 26-year-old British man fell from a third floor apartment block on Calle del Vi in Palma.

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