A FARMER from Porreres had the fright of his life when he visited his farm in Montuïri late one night and discovered a herd of Fallow deer stealing from his fields.

The man was on a stake out under the cover of darkness in an attempt to discover what had been eating his almond tree seedlings. 

According to residents of the area, the pilferaging deers have been on the run from a farm situated between Porreres and Llucmajor for years. 

Since their escape, the mob has populated a large section of Massís de Randa mountain. They have also been spotted in the Llucmajor Marina.

The deer’s invasion and ravaging of the area has prompted a flurry of complaints from various neighbourhood’s residents. 

Now, the wily deer may be in trouble as the hunting director Jaume Tomàs assured outraged locals that the environmental agency is closely monitoring the animals.

Motion activated cameras will be used by the government to locate and cull the herd.

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