A WOMAN is currently in psychiatric care after driving her car through a plant nursery in Mijas Costa after a disagreement over payment.

A video captured by CCTV has gone viral online.

It shows the final moments of the incident, where a woman in a blue car appears to drive through the open window of the small plant shop, colliding with the displays.

CRAZY: Store footage of the incident on Mijas Costa

Employees and fellow customers can be heard screaming ‘what are you doing?’ at the woman before she gets the vehicle stuck.

According to Diario Sur, the incident stemmed from a disagreement over refusing to pay for items she took.

Once the vehicle was immobilised, store employees managed to take away the keys and calmed the woman before calling police.

As she was being interviewed she apparently showed many ‘inconsistencies’ in her statements and it is thought she experienced a ‘psychotic episode’ which led her to drive through the shop.

She was also well known to the employees after various prior reports of insults and abusive behaviour.

Thankfully no-one was hurt during the events and only light damage was caused.

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