A MAYOR has hit out at ‘irresponsible’ swimmers after two bathers ignored red flags flying at Guardamar del Segura, and took a dip.

Guardamar Rescue 1
RAPID : Red Cross in action

Seas had been rough all day yesterday, August 12, and the popular resort authorities decided to fly red flags to prevent danger.

Guardamar Rescue 3
AVOIDING GREATER EVILS: Guardamar Red Cross yesterday

But, causing a danger to themselves AND the lifeguards, the pair had to be rescued by Spanish Red Cross using ropes and all available personnel.

Jose Luis Saez
LOCAL MAYOR: Jose Luis Saez

Their ‘recklessness and disregard for others’ led the Policia Local and Guardia Civil to fine each bather €500.

The resort’s mayor, Jose Luis Saez took to social media last night, commending the Red Cross: “The rapid action of the Red Cross first aid service has avoided greater evils due to the irresponsibility of some. “

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