A DIVER had the find of his life when he stumbled across the remains of a pre-Roman era ship in the sea off Denia.

Initial estimates suggest the vessel could date back to the fourth century BC.

The man’s scuba diving session also turned up an old container known as an amphora amongst the wreckage some two kilometres offshore from Les Marines beach.

A professional team have subsequently uncovered another amphora and part of a ceramic vase during a detailed inspection of the ship’s remains.

The amateur diver reported his find to the Policia Local in Denia who then brought in the Valencian Community Underwater Archaeological Centre to secure any items from the area.

The first amphora that was found was said to be well-preserved and was probably used to transport food and water.

Subject to a detailed analysis, experts believe that the amphora dates back to the Punic age some 2,400 years ago.

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