Just a few years ago Chorus Financial was a relatively unknown firm with less than 100 clients. Now we sit amongst the most respected firms in Europe, with hundreds of happy clients around Spain, and internationally.

We are incredibly proud of our various awards and achievements within the industry, but none of this would’ve happened if you, our clients and regular readers, hadn’t put your trust in us. We know choosing a financial adviser is one of the most important decisions in your life, and we are always incredibly grateful when a client decides to put their faith in us.

Chorus Control

Despite the current turmoil, 2020 has been our busiest year on record, as more and more Brits in Spain choose to work with a Chorus Financial adviser. Under health guidelines we have done our best to reduce face to face meetings to a minimum. Technology has improved as a result of the lock down and we now have access to both pension transfer and Spanish compliant investment options with fully online sign-up procedures.

These technological improvements have allowed our clients even better access to information and service on their plans, so we can make investment changes, top up a policy, set up a withdrawal etc, all with the click of a button.

Clients are now signing up with Chorus from all corners of Spain, the Balearic Islands and The Canary Islands. This technology and the ability to service our clients remotely – email, telephone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc, has also helped us focus on reducing costs even further for clients.

In Spain we regularly see clients paying layer upon layer of fees, and charges often exceed 4% a year (mostly without the client’s knowledge). Chorus is approaching a point where the average total cost of your investment or pension product, ongoing service, advice and portfolio management is close to 1% per annum (excluding the fees applied by third party fund managers). As with many things, Chorus are leading the industry on this.

Coupled with the industry leading performance of the Chorus portfolios, and the fact clients can now access both pension options (SIPPs & QROPs) and Spanish compliant investment solutions with a low set up fee, and no tie-in or exit penalties, there has never been a better time to have your financial options explored as a Brit living in Spain.

Perhaps the number one factor as to why so many clients are now choosing Chorus is that when we present your charges, we do this with the highest level of transparency possible. This means that not only do we break down, in both % & £ terms, exactly what you are paying to Chorus, but we also do the same in terms of your total cost of investing, both in the first year and ongoing.

This level of detail is required for firms based in the UK, but is not yet a legal requirement in Spain. Either way, Chorus feels this is the most honest & ethical approach, and we insist on working to UK FCA standards, despite the fact we are operating in Spain. After all, why should Brits in Spain expect any less than they would receive if they went to a UK based adviser?

As Chorus grows, we remain acutely aware of how important it is to provide outstanding service to our clients at all times. There is nothing worse than having the person looking after your investments and pensions ignore your emails or calls, so we will always promise to reply within the shortest possible time. We generally get back to clients on their queries the same day but will always ensure that any client contact receives a reply within 24 hours.

Regardless of where you live in Spain, we have no doubt that Chorus Financial is your number one choice for ethical and transparent investment and pension advice in Spain. To explore your options, without pressure or obligation, contact me directly on s.kelly@chorusfinancial.es, +34 664 398 702 or visit www.chorusfinancial.es for more information.

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