A SECURITY guard at the Nao Pool Club is recovering in hospital after a vicious attack by a group of thugs last Friday.

The incident happened at around 8.40pm at the exclusive pool and restaurant venue.

According to sources consulted by Diaro Sur, the attack was triggered after one of the bouncers had an altercation with a client at the door.

The aggrieved client left, before returning with a group of friends armed with golf clubs and other weapons.

The group found the security guard next to the resort’s pool which was empty at the time, and began attacking him, leaving him with serious injuries, including a strong blow to the head.

Staff called 112 and the Policia Nacional but the perpetrators had already escaped when officers arrived to the scene.

The security guard is now recovering in hospital and it is expected that he will make a full recovery.

So far there have been no arrests for the attack.

TURMOIL: Popular Costa del Sol businesswoman Olivia Valere at the exclusive Nao Pool Club

The Nao Pool Club is owned by the son of French businesswoman and TV star Olivia Valere and had already been subjected to an arson attack on May 20.

Thankfully the club only suffered cosmetic damage and was able to reopen the very same day.

Valere is also in the midst of controversy as another nightlife venue that she runs, the Olivia Valere Club Marbella, is under investigation after videos emerged online of a concert taking place without proper health and safety measures in place.

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