A HEALTH worker in Coin has been coughed on and spat at by a suspected COVID-19 patient.

According to the Nursing Union (SASTE), a woman, who claimed to have coronavirus, arrived at the health centre in Coin and demanded assistance by ‘shouting’ and ‘calling out insults.’


The nurse on duty told the woman to wait while he put on personal protective equipment (PPE), following the protocol in these cases.

At this point the patient took off her mask and coughed into the nurse’s face.

The patient then began to record and take photos of the health workers with her mobile phone, becaming increasingly irate when she was informed that it was not permitted.

Her anger was once more taken out on the nurse who had originally tried to assist her.

The patient grabbed the nurse by the arms and then kicked and spat on him.

Under the threat of the increasing aggressive behaviour, the health centre’s staff called the Policia Local who swiftly arrived at the scene.

The woman was escorted out of the centre, only to return 10 minutes later and continue with her barrage of insults and aggressive behaviour towards the staff.

This second assault required the assistance of the Guardia Civil who were able to restrain the alleged aggressor.

The woman was finally tested before being arrested by the Guardia Civil.

Meanwhile, the nurse is still recovering from bruising and under observation for a possible contagion of the virus.

SASTE has condemned the aggression which, according to the union, ‘is becoming more and more common’

According to reports, the province of Malaga has seen 108 attacks on health professionals in just the first half of the year.

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