THESE are the first images of what remains of Laguna Village following a devastating fire this afternoon.

Photos released by the Consortium of Malaga Firefighters show several roofs completely destroyed and the inside of at least one establishment reduced to rubble.

Fire Aftermath 3
GUTTED: Photos show damaged caused by flames at Laguna Village (CREDIT: Consorcio Provincial Bomberos de Malaga)

The Junta de Andalucia declared a Level 1 emergency at 3.20pm this afternoon when the fire began in the Rio Padron area.

According to INFOCA, the strong winds carried the flames across the A-7 motorway and to Laguna Village, a large complex comprising restaurants, bars, shops and the luxury Puro Beach pool club.

Laguna Aftermath 5
DESTROYED: Collection World appears to have been reduced to rubble (CREDIT: Consorcio Provincial Bomberos de Malaga)

It means the fire is now on two sides of the A-7 motorway, with the Glass Palace club and adjoining Collection World garden centre also surrounded by flames.

What’s more worrying is the proximity of a BP petrol station which sits across from Laguna Village on the otherside of the A-7.

Fire Aftermath Laguna
BURNT OUT: The flames arrived to the complex earlier this afternoon and spread rapidly (CREDIT: Consorcio Provincial Bomberos de Malaga)

At least three helicopters, a fire truck and 30 firefighters are battling the blaze.

There are also several paramedics on site to assist with potential injuries.

Fire Laguna Aftermath 4
Claro beach is one of several establishments destroyed in the blaze (CREDIT: Consorcio Provincial Bomberos de Malaga)

“The fire arrived so quickly and spread so fast, it was crazy,” one witness told the Olive Press, “Everyone just started running and we could hardly see anything.”

There have been no reported injuries as of yet.

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