ALMOST a quarter of night clubs and dance venues in the Valencian Community have closed their doors for good, according to a survey conducted by five associations representing the industry.

Figures compiled in August say that 588 businesses accounting for 23.29 per cent of the sector have permanently closed.

The associations predict that the figure will climb to nearly 69 per cent by the end of the year.

Pressure increased on nightlife-orientated businesses intensified when the Valencian region ordered their closure for at least 21 days starting on August 18.

Late bars and clubs were seen by authorities as a major source of new COVID-19 infections among younger people.

That claim has been disputed by the countrywide organisation, España de Noche, who have launched an appeal to the National Court in Madrid to overturn the closures imposed by each of the country’s regional governments.

España de Noche argue that despite the drastic action, coronavirus cases have climbed to early pandemic levels while bars and clubs have been closed for over a fortnight.

They’ve also challenged the legal procedures taken over the shutdown without it getting the approval of the Cabinet in Madrid or being published formally in Spain’s National Gazette, which is the normal way that changes to laws are announced.

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