SEVERAL ancient walls have been uncovered by workers in Orihuela’s medieval city.

The find is believed to be part of a fortified enclosure from the Islamic period.

Orihuela Islamic Wall 1
UNCOVERED: More of Orihuela’s ancient history

A 50 metre ditch was being excavated in order to bury electricity lines throughout the streets in and around Calle Ros at the foot of Sierra de San Miguel.

Historical Heritage councillor, Rafael Almagro, stated the remains could be, ‘part of a wall that goes from the Tower of Embergoñes to the Sanctuary of Monserrate’.

Only a few months ago, remains of the same wall were found on Calle Santa Lucia.

The combined finds are being documented, photographed and georeferenced to complement the works of the Master Plan of the Castle and Walls.

Historical Heritage representative, Inmaculada Reina, said: “Once documented, they will be covered and protected in order to continue with the works.”

Monitoring will continue to find out how and where these finds may develop in the city.

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