CATALUNYA has confirmed that four people have become re-infected with COVID-19 after previously overcoming the virus.

All four of the cases were infected during the first wave, only to become afflicted with the virus again months or weeks later.

Three of the four reinfected patients have mild symptoms, a trend seen in other similar cases from around the world.

However the fourth patient, a doctor from Palamos in Barcelona, has been in the intensive care unit at the Germans Trias i Mujol hospital for a month.

Hospital sources told Spanish media that the health professional had a mild to moderate infection in March which he overcame without problems.

However in August while on holiday, he was admitted to the ER at the hospital where he works with a much more severe infection.

The doctor had to be intubated and was immediately transferred to the Germans Trias i Pujol hospital.

After a month of battling the virus, his prognosis is now good and he is expected to recover.

Health experts insist that cases of reinfection are rare and are overwhelmingly with very mild symptoms.

The only other reinfection case with severe symptoms was in Nevada in the US.

The world’s first cast of reinfection was recorded by a team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong in August.

The 33-year-old patient’s first infection was very mild while his second was completely asymptomatic.

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