SPANISH researchers have found that cats may be able to develop antibodies that neutralise COVID-19.

Scientists studied two cats – one of which was known to have suffered from COVID-19 along with his human family – while the other showed no symptoms.

Cats fight off coronavirus

They found that both had developed antibodies to the virus, with their immune systems putting up a robust response.

The first cat – Negrito – was put down for a problem unrelated to coronavirus, although the virus was viewed as an aggravating factor, with an autopsy showing he had been infected by the disease. Despite this, there were no obvious symptoms that Negrito had COVID-19.

Further tests on both cats showed they had low viral loads and were able to fight coronavirus by developing their own antibodies.

Researchers say this has given them a new insight into the virus, which may be useful in battling COVID-19 in the human population.

They added that it was extremely rare for the animals to be infected by the virus.

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