A MADRID zookeeper is in a serious condition tonight after being attacked by a gorilla.

According to Emergencias Madrid, the 46-year-old was set upon by the 200kg animal when she entered the enclosure of Madrid Zoo at 10:15 am Sunday.

As soon as she stepped foot into the habitat, the animal violently pounced on her, according to reports.

The woman suffered a head injury, chest trauma with multiple fractures and an open fracture in both arms.

The Samur-Civil Protection medics intubated the victim and once stabilised transferred her to the Hospital Clinico de Madrid where she remains in a serious condition.

The gorilla, named Malabo, was getting ready to eat his breakfast and attacked when he was surprised by the worker, a spokesperson told Efe.

The security protocol was immediately activated, which saw several workers drive the gorilla away with the use of fire extinguishers.

After rescuing their colleague, the employees shot the animal with a dart containing anaesthetics before taking it back inside the facility.

The zoo said the evidence points to a ‘human failure’ as workers should have taken care not to surprise Malabo before feeding.

“He shook her but without using all the enormous strength he has thanks to his 200kg weight,” the spokesperson added.

Malabo was raised in the zoo with a bottle and is ‘much loved’ by its carers, the spokesperson said, adding that they hope for a speedy recovery of the injured worker.

The Policia Municipal of Madrid have taken over the investigation as it is classed as a work accident.

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