A BRITISH man who allegedly went on a £1,000 shopping trip around Gibraltar has been arrested.

Kyle Calpe Washington Foster, 20, from Peterborough was charged with making eight fraudulent payments at four businesses using stolen credit and debit cards.

The arrested man also made a further four attempt to extend the shopping spree tried to a value of £500 before he was detained.

He is accused of having gone into restaurants and shops making the payments from September 26 to 29.

He appeared before the Magistrates Court today after spending a night in New Mole House police station last night.

Stubbed out

In a separate incident, Customs officers arrested a local resident after catching him with 900 cartons of cigarettes.

The action unfolded on Tuesday night when officers saw a vehicle speeding through Emerson’s Place without lights.

A stop and search was carried out which revealed 36 half-cases of cigarettes wrapped in black plastic bags.

“The driver of the vehicle was arrested and conveyed with the cigarettes to the Four Corners Station,” said the Customs.

“In total officers seized 900 cartons of cigarettes of various brands and a locally registered vehicle.

“The defendant was then processed and bailed out to re-appear on the 16th December 2020.”

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