ORIHUELA City Court has ordered the eviction squatters at the request of the local community of owners.

The warrant was executed in less than a month, and before their trial was even set, according to inforacion.es

The decision was made to avoid the ‘legal vacuum’ that occurs with properties that have no responsible owner.

The owner of the home in this case, a semi-detached house in Los Altos on the Orihuela Costa, had died and no family had been found.

However, the local community denounced the squatters themselves with the case reaching judicial resolution within weeks.

In court, the squatting couple claimed an ‘organization’ provided what they thought was legitimate but was found to be fraudulent.

It was then that the court adopted the ‘precautionary measure’, giving then notice to leave before Local Police or Civil Guard got involved.

Residents had asked that the community was “harmed by the occupation”, and the ruling constitutes a, “new legal trend that can be extended to numerous similar cases.”

Their legal representative claimed: “This ruling is of social significance, by leaving a door open for other affected people to recover their property [quickly].”

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