A PROMINENT Costa Blanca mayor says that he is ‘puzzled’ over a Valencian government suggestion to impose a night-time curfew to combat the spread of COVID-19

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, said on Monday that he is considering a curfew between midnight and 5.00am to help take tough action against illegal parties and gatherings.

Infection rates reached a daily high on Tuesday across the Valencian Community, but fell by over half within 24 hours, as the region still has the lowest case rate in mainland Spain.

Alicante mayor, Luis Barcala, said: “I do not understand all the contradictions which are generating alarm and concern across all sectors in our area.”

“We are in a puzzling position as we keep being told about having the lowest infection figures in Spain and then the Valencian government says it wants permission from Madrid to impose a curfew,” he added.

Torrevieja mayor, Eduardo Dolon said; “I disagree with a regionwide curfew as we have a low case rate in the city. This will be another blow for our hotels and tourism.”

Benidorm’s mayor, Toni Perez, said that any measures should be evenly introduced across the whole of the region,

Meanwhile, a leading regional hospitality group has welcomed the curfew proposal.

Apeha president, Mar Valera said: ”If it is for five or six hours as we have been told, then this could be a solution to preventing parties at home and outside drinks gatherings.”

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