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PLANE CRAZY: Woman heading for Spain’s Costa Blanca ends up in Ukraine after boarding wrong RyanAir flight

Inka Fileva 2

A WOMAN who booked a flight from Stansted to Valencia ended up in Kiev when she boarded the wrong plane.

Inka Fileva, 30, was looking forward to a romantic break visiting her boyfriend in the Spanish city.

But when she got off her RyanAir flight cold water was poured on her dreams when she realised she was not in the sunny Costa Blanca capital but in the chillier clime of Ukraine.

Inka Fileva 2
INKA FILEVA: Flew to wrong country. Credit Facebook/Inka Fileva

Bar worker Fileva, who is originally from Bulgaria but now lives in London, had slept through the whole journey. The first idea she had that she was not where she should be was when she disembarked.

It was when the 30-year-old spotted that none of the signs were in Spanish and the police looked ‘different’ that it dawned on her that she was 3,000 kilometres away in the wrong country.

She posted her story on Facebook, saying: “I’m in Kiev at the moment!! Waiting at the airport and the worse part is there is no Ryanair office here so everything is taking ages to sort out!

“I don’t understand how my ticket got scanned and passed and how I came here without a visa.”

She added: “What a mission! Was going to Valencia and ended up in Kiev. Has anyone mistaken their flight and ended up outside of the EU without even knowing?”

Inka Fileva 1
Inka finally made it to Valencia after a long detour. Credit Facebook/InkaFileva

And while she ended up stranded in Kiev until a new flight could be booked for her, her unsuspecting boyfriend was waiting for her at Valencia airport.

Speaking to the Star Online she explained that she had gone to gate 54 instead of 44 by mistake. But with staff scanning her ticket she had no reason to suspect she could end up on the wrong flight.

Inka said: “I got so scared as the police started approaching me, no one spoke English and they kept asking for my passport.

“The weirdest thing is that I was travelling with my European ID but had my passport in my bag, so they just gave me a stamp and rushed me out.”

“No one knew how I got there and they kept asking me for my ticket for Kiev. I kept showing them the ticket to Valencia, they couldn’t understand how this happened.”

Eventually the situation was sorted out and Fileva finally arrived toi the welcoming arms of her boyfriend in Valencia – albeit a day late.

But in a final twist her luggage didn’t make it – instead it was flown to Manchester, she said in another Facebook post.

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