A ZARA shopping cart and a pair of garish Lidl trainers have become the must have items during Spain’s coronavirus crisis. 

Both have flown off the shelves and are now out of stock after going viral online. 

The Zara shopping cart released at the beginning of this week was an immediate hit and sold out within hours. 

Available in grey or khaki, the chic item is foldable and made of 100% polyester. 

Zara Trolley
CHIC: Zara trolleys sell out within hours after going viral online (CREDIT: Zara/Inditex)

It features pockets on the front, adjustable side pockets and a zip on the back. 

Costing €49.95, it caused controversy online for being sold in the women’s section and for not being available in Zara Home. 

Inditex, the parent company, has already pledged to replace its stock.

Meanwhile, smart investors are re-selling eye-catching pairs of Lidl trainers for hundreds of euros online. 

The first collection of the red, yellow and blue shoes were sold out within hours and have now become somewhat of a collector’s item. 

A size 42 (8) pair is currently going for €650 on Wallapop, with the owner describing the shoes as a ‘limited collection’. 

Lidl Trainers
SOLD OUT: Lidl trainers are a hit and a re-selling for hundreds of euros online

The German supermarket giant launched a sale for the shoes on its website at 9am on October 14 – they were all gone by midday. 

It sold men’s sizes from 41 to 46 and women’s from sizes 37 to 40, for just €19.99. 

It means the Wallapop seller is standing to make over €600 in profit.

Other re-sellers are being more reasonable, offering the distinctive footwear for €150. 

The phenomenon first started across Europe in the summer, when the shoes sold out in almost every country they were sold, with one pair being bought on eBay for €500 in July.

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