THE central Government has now officially declared a state of alarm and imposed a curfew from 11pm to 6am.

During these hours it is forbidden to leave home except for justified reasons, such as a medical emergency or to go to work. 

All regions must implement the curfew but have the power to move the starting and ending times i.e from 10pm to 12am and 5am to 7am. 

Meanwhile they will be granted legal cover to impose stricter measures on mobility to fight coronavirus. 

So what does that mean in the Valencia region? 

Valencia: Valencia already had a nightly curfew in place from midnight to six in the morning. This will be in effect from tonight.

Other restrictions are added to this, including meetings of up to a maximum of six (unless they live together).

Residents are also advised to postpone any event or meeting with family and friends which are not essential.

Gardens and other open-air spaces will be closed from 10pm and cannot open before 8am.

The sale of alcohol is also prohibited during these hours, except in hotels.

Bars and restaurants must already close at midnight and orders can not be placed after 11pm.

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