INTENSIVE care units across Spain are once again at breaking point as the number of coronavirus cases has skyrocketed in the past two weeks.

According to figures released this morning by the Ministry of Health, cases have increased by 73.4% in the past 14 days, putting an already strained medical sector under increased pressure.

Admissions into Spain’s ICUs have increased by 41.2%, with overall hospital admissions increasing by 50% since Friday October 16.

The nature of the virus, with only a 5-6 day incubation period but a 3-6 week recovery period has meant that hospital beds are filling up fast.

Catalunya and Asturias have been the worst hit, with admissions increasing by a massive 137.9%, with Andalucia admissions climbing by 68.7% over a two week period.

The only area that has experienced a fall is the Canary Islands.

According to medical research released by the Ministry of Health, one in four ICU beds on average are now occupied with COVID-19 patients, with many regions even higher.

“We are rapidly approaching breaking point,” said Josep Trenado of the Spanish Society of Intensive Medicine.

“The nature of the second is very similar to the first outbreak, however this time we have the added issue that the beds were already full before the infections started.”

Spain currently is experiencing a second wave of the deadly COVID-19 virus, and is third in Europe for the highest percentage of contagions with 517 cases per 100,000 people.

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