THE Civil Guard and the Policia Nacional have set up 500 checkpoints on Andalucian roads to control movement over the All Saints’ Holiday.

The main focus of the checkpoints will be the principal routes into and out of the community, as well as the access points to the 449 municipalities, affecting a total of 4.31 million community residents, where restrictions have been put in place.

The checkpoints have been coordinated between the delegate of the central government in Andalucia, Sandra Garcia, and the heads of both authoritative bodies.

According to Garcia, the mission of this police deployment is to ‘act with rigour in the face of behaviour that puts the population at risk’.

There are 11,500 Polica Nacional and 13,300 Guardia Civil officers who make up the workforce in Andalucia, working in collaboration with the Policia Local.

The Junta will also be in permanent contact with the State Security Forces and other State services to inform and review the action protocols.

From the confined municipalities it will be possible to leave to go to school and work, to attend doctor and / or hospital appointments, return to one’s habitual residence and look after care-dependent people.

According to the new four-tier COVID-19 system in Spain, the Andalucian municipalities with border closures are in the red zone, level Four. Apart from not being allowed to leave the town without facing a possible sanction, the following additional limitations also apply:

  • Parks will be open, but not the children’s playgrounds.
  • Indoor meetings, both public and private, are limited to a maximum of six people.
  • Users of public transport must always maintain an empty seat between a fellow passenger.
  • Cinemas are permitted 40% of their capacity, with a maximum of 200 people.
  • The Andalucian government allows federated sportsmen and women to train and compete.
  • Competitions will not have spectators.
  • Bars and restaurants, which close at 10:30pm, are only permitted a 30% interior capacity and 75% in outdoor terraces.
  • Wakes are restricted to a maximum of six people inside the building and 15 outside.
  • 50% capacity in shops, but always maintaining the stipulated safety distance.
  • The curfew is maintained throughout Andalucia, between 11pm and 6am.

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