THE number of colleges with confined classrooms has reached a record high, with 568 classes now taking place in isolation, according to figures released by the Conselleria de Educacion.

The special measures have been introduced as a result of either students or staff testing positive for coronavirus, and equates to 1.2% of all staff and students in public education, with 19.9% of all colleges having at least one classroom in isolation due to contagion.

800px Empty_classroom_2020
EMPTY: Many classes are being held remotely

The figures mean that 388 classrooms from 250 schools are now in quarantine, a rise of 47% on previous weeks.

The Ayuntamiento de Valencia, the regional authority, is proposing special measures for processions and parades that take place in January each year to celebrate the festival of Los Reyes Magos, known locally as Cabalgata de Reyes, another blow to citizens after the highlight of Valencian civic life, Fallas, was cancelled in March and is set to be cancelled again in March 2021.

Local resident and musician Nicolas Noguez told the Olive Press: “It is getting harder and harder to stay positive. I have lost all my gigs this year with live music all but banned, and Fallas and other ceremonies used to be important sources of income. As well as the financial aspect, it is yet another blow to civic morale since we are beginning to see a severe loss in community spirit, especially the artistic community.”

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