SPAIN’S Health Minister has ruled out any imminent national home confinement orders as new COVID-19 cases continue to climb across the country.

Speaking today(November 2), Salvador Illa said: “We are waiting to see how the new measures like the curfews are impacting on infection rates.”

The Asturias government have asked Illa for permission to impose a 15-day home confinement rule within their region.

Andalucia has warned that more moves may be needed as hospitalisations are beating levels seen in March.

Catalunya meanwhile claims that local measures in the north-eastern region, which have included the closure of bars and restaurants, are beginning to ‘have an effect’.

Salvador Illa is pinning his hopes that moves made under the new State of Alarm introduced last month will peg the climbing rate of new COVID-19 cases.

He told reporters that the national government is ‘not considering’ home lockdowns this week and added that the recently-introduced stricter measures ‘can control the pandemic’.

Illa appealed for everybody to follow the rules to avoid tougher action having to be taken.


  1. Allow me to elaborate… “ruled out any imminent national home confinement” means “you’ll be in lockdown by Friday” just as when the Andalucian Junta declared they had no plans to close external borders then did exactly that a couple of days later.

    Location : Marbella

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