AN emergency meeting of the expert coronavirus committee will be held in Andalucia this Sunday, it has been confirmed.

Junta president Juanma Moreno told a press event today that no measure will be ruled out to tackle the second wave of coronavirus.

This Sunday will be the last day of the nationwide curfew declared by Pedro Sanchez almost two weeks ago.

The restrictive measure was a caveat of the second national state of alarm, which was later removed before being passed through Congress.

It means regions, from Sunday, will decide whether or not to maintain the curfew and at what hours.

“We cannot be fooled, the situation is frankly worrying,” Moreno said.

“We must be aware that things are not looking good at all and if they do not improve, we will have to toughen mobility restrictions and measures.”

Moreno said he will not be applying a home confinement like the one seen in March.

“If the Government (Madrid) calls for it, it must be for the entire country, not a la carte for the different regions,” he said.

The curfew is expected to remain in place, particularly in the hardest hit provinces.

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