THE Health Ministry has warned of a fake Whatsapp message being circulated on social media networks warning of a nationwide lockdown.

The viral message warns of a confinement starting on November 7 and lasting until November 30.

“They’re locking down next week. From the 7th confined until the 30th November,” the text claims.

Lockdown Lies
FAKE: Whatsapp message falsely warning of second nationwide lockdown from November 7 to 30

“They will tell us on the 5th, it will appear in the BOE on the 6th and 7th. I get the information from health sources.

“Instructions have already reached them. Home confinement.”

It is a classic fake message which quickly spreads like wild fire and comes from some distant friend’s relative’s cousin who works in a hospital.

“Be warned! Hoax!” the Health Ministry made it clear, addressing the ‘fake news.’

“If this message reaches you by Whatsapp or your social networks, it is a hoax without any basis.”

Head of the coronavirus task force Fernando Simon revealed yesterday that a second nationwide lockdown is not currently deemed ‘necessary’.

“We must be restrained, we cannot put all the measures in place when the situation does not yet require it,” Simon said.

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