POLICE in Sevilla have uncovered a secret marijuana plantation disguised under the foundations of two tennis courts.

The police were tipped off after they learned of the possibility of a large-scale growing plot on rustic land in Moron de la Frontera, one hour east of Sevilla city.

Investigations led officers to land west of the town used for the cultivation of olives.


After an initial search of the property, everything seemed normal, however officers were adamant that the property was being used for illicit purposes.

A small outbuilding away from the main building led officers to two large tennis courts in poor condition and surrounded by large fences.

An entrance was discovered next to the courts to the foundations underneath, leading officers to discover a sophisticated grow house with heating, ventilation, expensive lamps and large freezing equipment.

In total, 250 kilograms of marijuana were seized, along with 15 air conditioning units, 20 fans, 60 LED lamps, a vacuum packing machine and delivery truck.

Police also seized a 70,000 generator that was used to power the operation.

Further investigations also led authorities to another plot, 25 minutes away in the town of Marchena, in which numerous artifacts of police clothing were found, including police issue shields, high visibility vests, torches and a replica firearm.

Two men have been arrested for crimes against public health and the theft of electricity.

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