A MAN has been arrested in Mallorca for allegedly murdering his wife and attempting to conceal the crime with a car accident.

The detainee, 35, surrendered to police hours after the alleged killing of his partner, 32, in Palma’s Secar de la Real district.

According to investigators, at approximately 10pm, the suspect called several members of his family to tell them that he had been involved in a car accident.

He claimed that his wife had been seriously injured and died, providing details of where the ‘accident’ supposedly happened.

A relative proceeded to notify the emergency services.

At the scene, Policia Nacional officers found the car but there was no sign of the couple.

They followed a trail of blood to nearby woods and it was there that they made the grisly discovery.

The woman’s lifeless body was lying on the ground covered with brush and branches.

A manhunt was swiftly launched to locate the husband and hours later he called the police to turn himself in.

According to Diario de Mallorca, the man has confessed to committing the murder.

He said the pair had a heated argument whilst driving and that his wife got out of the vehicle.

He followed her and struck her with a large object before dragging her body into the woods and hiding it in the undergrowth.

To cover up his crime, he drove the car into a concrete wall.

Ultima Hora report that the couple were first cousins and had four children together.

In recent weeks, Mallorca has been plagued with gender violence incidents.

In October, a former soldier shot his girlfriend in the head before turning the gun on himself in Peguera.

Weeks later, a man intentionally ran over his ex-wife and her friend with his car in Palma.

Investigators confirmed that the woman held an active restraining order against her former partner and that numerous incidents of abuse were reported throughout their marriage.

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