THE Junta de Andalucia has made slight changes to the new coronavirus restrictions announced on Sunday. 

The Official Gazette of the Junta (BOJA) published the updated rules overnight in its official release detailing the new measures. 

Firstly, it has extended the list of activities or businesses deemed essential and which can therefore continue to operate past 6pm. 

The new additions are wholesale trade businesses and car rental companies. 

Secondly, those under the age of 16 must not practice sport after 6pm, even if it is in the open air or at the federated level. 

In the hospitality sector, as announced Sunday, bars and restaurants must close at 6pm (apart from in Granada where they must close full stop). 

However new exceptions have been made for establishments which provide a more essential service. 

This includes those at service stations on the motorways (away from urban areas), those inside airports, ports and train stations, in hospitals and funeral homes or those which have to be operated at night, such as fish markets. 

Meanwhile hotels can keep serving people past 6pm as long it is exclusively for guests staying at the establishment. 

Catering at health centres, training centres and offices can also continue serving past 6pm.

Elsewhere, in a reversal, the civil service aptitude tests, aka Oposiciones, can take place as long as there are no more than 50 people taking the exam in the same facility. 

Offices in which public employees work may also remain open after 6pm.

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