A HUGE Griffon vulture has stunned motorists in Malaga when it landed in the middle of a busy main road in the city centre.

The incident took place yesterday, Wednesday, when motorists driving along Avenida Juan XIII, in Malaga city, were shocked to find a huge Griffon vulture strutting up and down the middle of the busy road.

The wild bird, which feeds mainly on the softer parts of carcasses, such as the muscles and viscera, landed in the median strip of the urban road, and remained impassive to the commotion it was causing.


Policia Local were displaced to the scene after receiving several calls from astonished residents, however by the time they arrived the bird had flown away.

This is not the first time a Griffon vulture has stunned residents in Malaga, just last month, the Nature Protection Group (GRUPON) of the Malaga Policia Local rescued one in the area of El Pizarrillo.

On this occasion, the bird of prey was found lying on the ground under a large tree.

The animal was successfully rescued by Environmental Agents of Andalucia and it was transferred to the Centre for the Recovery of Threatened Species (CREA).

These types of birds of prey, which appear on the List of Wild Species under Special Protection, do not live in urban areas, so their presence in these areas is usually an indicator that they may have some kind of disease.

Their large, strong claws and beaks can cause considerable damage when used to defend themselves and any rescue operation should be done by experts in the area.

The griffon vulture is one of the largest raptors of Iberian Peninsula, measuring nearly three meters long and reaching 10 kg in an adult.

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