THE current restrictions in place in Andalucia are, for now, likely to be extended when they are reviewed next Sunday, the Junta has hinted. 

Vice President Juan Marin said today that he doubts mobility restrictions will be lifted over the next ‘puente’ bank holiday weekend, which is from December 4 to 8. 

His comments indicate that there are not yet plans to ease the measures when they expire on November 23. 

“I doubt we will lift mobility restrictions for the next ‘bridge’ holiday, since the health situation does not point to that,” said Marin, “We have to remain cautious.” 

The Ciudadanos politician said the region is maintaining a tough balancing act of allowing for maximum activity while not sacrificing the health of the people. 

“This is what we’re trying to do,” he said, “If we have to spend 15 more days with these measures, I’m sure the people will understand.

“In the end it is about saving lives and as long as there is no vaccine, which will be the only real antidote, it will be very difficult to return to normal levels of mobility.

“It is time to be prudent and adapt to the difficult situation.” 

He added that it was too early to tell whether the tougher measures which came into place on Monday have made an impact.

“It is early,” he said, “but the situation at the moment continues to be very worrying.”

He added: “We cannot relax because in the case of some provinces, ICU occupancy is still very high, as are hospitalisations, and we have to hope that in at least seven or eight days we can justly assess the measures adopted just four days ago.” 

There will also be an evaluation by the expert committee this Sunday, but Marin said ‘everything is in a similar situation to last Sunday.’

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