A TRUCK driver is facing thousands of euros worth of fines after testing positive for five different narcotics, including heroin and cocaine. 

The 33-year-old was stopped at 1:55am on Sunday at a police roadblock in Bera, Navarra. 

The vehicle had no ITV or insurance and had crossed the municipal and regional border from the Basque Country town of Erandio, without a justified reason for doing so, breaking the latest coronavirus rules.

Police immediately performed a drug test on the man, which tested positive for cannabis, amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. 

Officers also found a knife on the driver and will propose an extra fine for breaking the curfew, as well as for storing hashish in the vehicle. 

In total the sanctions will add up to €6,103. 

According to Diario Sur, €2,800 is for the lack of insurance, €1,000 for driving under the influence of drugs, €601 for possession of drugs, €601 for skipping curfew, €601 for crossing borders without permission, €300.51 for carrying a knife and €200 for not having his ITV updated.

The driver claimed he was travelling to Bera to ‘find a friend.’ 

According to the National Institute of Toxicology, 45.5% of drivers who died in a traffic accident did so under the influence of alcohol or drugs, while 60% of road deaths are due to drinking.

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