A LARGE gathering of drinkers – known as a macro-botellon – has been raided on Spain’s Costa Tropical, resulting in 67 fines for abusing safety regulations.

The gathering took place last Saturday near the popular Cuevas del Tesoro in the fishing town of Rincon de la Victoria.

Over 100 youths gathered in the public area with hundreds of bottles of booze and coolers full of food.

Officers of the Polica Local of Rincon raided the get together at around 11.30pm after the Police’s Social Media surveillance unit detected clues that a gathering would take place.

Councillor for Citizen Security in Rincon, Borja Ortiz, lamented the youths, calling them ‘irresponsible’ and ‘disrespectful’ in their disregard for COVID-19 procedures.

Borja also noted that thanks to the work of the Special Canine Drug unit, quantities of narcotics were also found on the party-goers.

In total, 67 fines were issued to the group, 32 for underage possession of alcohol, 19 for faliure to adhere to safety measures and 16 for possession of narcotics.

Mayor for Rincon, Francisco Salado has also denounced the event, calling for “citizen responsibility, especially to sensitize those groups less aware of the need to comply with public health regulations to avoid the spread of the virus.”

During the announcement of the operation, Borja also told of the results of the strict travel restrictions put into place in the municipality.

In total, 49 sanctions have taken place in Rincon since the travel bans were introduced.

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