SPAIN is proposing limiting Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners to just six people, whether they are family or not. 

It will also recommend that dinners only be held among those who live together, and there will be a curfew from 1am to 6am, reported Diario Sur.

It means everyone would have to be home within an hour of bringing in the new year. 

The potential measures have been revealed in a draft proposal entitled Proposals for public health measures against COVID-19 for the celebration of the Christmas holidays.

Under the proposal, work Christmas lunches and dinners would also not be allowed to have more than six people and it is strongly recommended that if they must occur they are seated outside. 

The Government is also advising that the emblematic Three Kings parades in January not be held, but stops short of banning them. 

It is also being advised to avoid travel between different regions. 

Anyone who has contracted coronavirus and not yet tested negative must remain in quarantine to avoid further contagions. 

Naturally, all other health measures are to remain in place, including the wearing of masks. 

The proposal reiterates the importance of washing of hands, prioritising ventilation of indoor spaces and social distancing. 

If approved, the decree would be nationwide, however there would likely be push back from certain regions, particularly Madrid.

The regional leader of the central region Isabel Diaz Ayuso has made it very clear that she intends to save the Christmas economy.

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