Voice over Internet Protocol is a communications technology that enables us to receive and make calls over the internet. With VoIP, conversations are possible anywhere as long as the internet is available. If you are looking at setting up your international business, VoIP technology is essential. Here we discuss why.

1. VoIP is affordable

VoIP can be up to 80% cheaper than using a traditional service, with providers such as Zadarma offering free calls bundles https://zadarma.com/en/tariffs/plans/. There are numerous ways in which VoIP services are cheaper, and some key reasons as to how this is possible. Calling long-distance or overseas, with a traditional telephone, can be hugely expensive. In comparison, if you are thinking of installing a traditional phone, you will be paying for a set capacity even if you don’t use it that much. The questions to ask, should include;

  • How many lines do I need?  
  •  How many users will I have?
  • How many international calls will I be making to which countries?

Often we want to be careful not to underestimate your usage and capacity however the advantage of VoIP services is they make it easier to manage payments on a ‘per user’ basis. Quite often you can pay for the functionality you need and not much more.

2. It’s easy to set up & maintain wherever you are

Traditional phone lines can be difficult to set up and maintain in particular if you are based far from the provider. VoIP in comparison is straightforward to set up and configure without the help of a tech consultant or IT representative.

There is no VoIP hardware or wiring required as you use your broadband connection to activate calls in and out. If you don’t want to rely purely on video conferencing, then it’s often beneficial to have a phone handset plugged directly into your computer network. A simple web portal is used to add or remove users or change configuration settings.

3. VoIp Increases flexibility and mobility for users

VoIP provides you with the ability to integrate a variety of other systems, instantly improving business efficiencies and often optimising internal workstreams. With features such as video conferencing, file sharing and CRM to email integration, tasks can be integrated. VoIP can unify your communications very quickly.

If you are often travelling or not always at your desk, then VoIP can provide you with flexibility and mobility for users. In addition VoIP is affordable compared to mobile phone calls. Your VoIP call can be diverted to your mobile or answer phone, if you are not at your desk, providing you a winning situation to receive and make calls on the go with a VoIP solution in place.

4. VoIP can scale as your business grows

If your international business is in its early days, setting up, it may be hard to determine how many phone lines you’ll need. The beauty of VoIP, as your communication solution, is it does not require additional expenses, whether you’re adding or removing users. Conveniently, you can add a new line as soon as you add a new team member. Equally if you need to scale down, you can just as easily reassign the existing line or remove it completely.

5. VoIP empowers your international business positioning 

VoIP can often make companies, no matter how small, appear professional and established. It comes with a wide range of call features that callers often expect and naturally value. Features such as IVR, call transfer, call hold, call forwarding, auto-attendant phone menus and answer phones are expected in this day and age.

VoIP provides functionality that enables users to manage internal and external communications in a more cost-effective and practical way. SMEs will be able to communicate with prospective clients at little to no financial cost, talk to partners and customers through long distances, and compete with businesses on an international level.

Whether you are a small business starting out abroad or an expat working remotely needing to talk to your HQ back home, you will require a simple, cost effective, convenient communication solution to operate.

VoIP is a highly recommended solution for business-related calls overseas.  With the right services, a one-month or annual subscription can guarantee unlimited calls abroad. VoIP calls are secure, cost-saving, and convenient and long term you can scale the solution with as your business grows. With a trusted provider like Zadarma, you can set up a virtual phone system for your entire company in a few minutes. All you would need is a laptop and a good internet connection. https://zadarma.com/en/support/faq/pbx/pbx-full-setup-in-5-minutes/

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