THE senseless stabbing of 19-year-old Ulrich Perez one week ago in a shopping centre car park was beyond heartbreaking.

But the calculated way the killer tried to ditch the car he used to flee from the murder scene is the true definition of evil. 

Anyone that can murder a teen in cold blood before racing away and scrambling to get rid of evidence deserves to rot in jail for a crime that quite rightly sickened the Costa del Sol to its core.

The thug thought nothing for the lives of the dozens of people, including Ulrich’s devastated mother and stepfather and school friends, who had to watch the much-loved teen die in a puddle of his own blood after being stabbed in the chest in broad broad daylight.

A Picture Of The Car From The Police Statement
Police have seized the Mercedes linked to the murder of Ulrich Perez

While the community of Estepona clung to each other, wailing as the funeral van drove away, the suspect was already plotting to send the car back to England. 

It is a great credit to locals on the Costa del Sol that the white Mercedes was found so quickly, refusing to allow this murder to join the long list of violent crime which goes unsolved in Spain every year.

Ulrich’s family will never be able to make sense of this horrifying attack. But catching the killer will hopefully bring them a sense of justice during this unimaginable time.

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