THE Government of the Balearic Islands has announced the ways in which they will surveil illegal parties over the Christmas period.

Speaking at a press conference, Minister Aina Calvo explained that large gatherings will be monitored on social media and by drone.

The surveillance serves to clampdown on gatherings taking place over the allowed number of six people.

“We want people to ask themselves – is it worth organising or participating in an illegal party that can cause the death of another person?” said Calvo.

Drones will be utilised to fly over the four islands, paying special attention to properties with a large number of people or cars parked outside.

Social media will be monitored for posts announcing any parties or events.

It comes as the Balearic government stepped up its fight against COVID-19, introducing a tiered system of restrictions

The new system is made up of five levels (from zero to four) and will be enforced on each island according to their number of coronavirus cases and other data.

At present, Formentera has been placed on level one, Menorca on level two, and Ibiza and Mallorca on level three.

Each island will be assessed every two weeks.

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