NIGHTLIFE businesses will be able to resume trading next week during the day in the Valencian Community.

Late bars and clubs were forced to close their doors in mid-August due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were claimed to be a major source of new infections.

Talks between hospitality associations and the Valencian government have ended in a deal, as confirmed by Fotur(Federation of Leisure, Tourism and Gaming of the Valencian Community).

They say that a deal was struck today(December 4) which will see late bars and clubs being allowed to reopen during the day as of next week.

Bars will be able to trade between noon and midnight, while nightclubs can open from 5.00pm until twelve.

All the nightlife licences will be amended sometime next week to allow the businesses to function as daytime bars and restaurants.

They will follow the indoor 30% capacity rules and no dancing will be permitted.

The Alroa association spokesman, Javier Galdeano said: “We wanted to reopen this weekend but bureaucracy prevents us from doing so until next week.”

Nightlife associations from areas like Benidorm threatened protests in Valencia City if they were prevented from resuming trading.

They claim that other 700 businesses have already gone bankrupt in the Valencian Community this year.

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