PROTESTS broke out over the weekend across Spain’s largest cities as right wing Vox supporters voiced their contempt for the country’s government.

The gatherings took to the streets yesterday as Spain celebrated Dia de la Constitucion, the day the country broke free of Dictator Franco’s regime.

Vox supporters used the day as an opportunity to protest the Pedro Sanchez-led central Government.

“I came here to protest on Constitution Day because the Pedro Sanchez government is taking away our freedoms,” said one protester to El Mundo.

“He’s not respecting the Spanish Constitution, he’s taking rights and freedoms from us, they try to stop us coming and protesting against their bad government. He’s taking our kids’ freedom, educational freedom and health, the economy is a disaster.”

Vox party leader, Santiago Abascal attended the march in Barcelona, praising the gatherings and accusing the government of putting the Magna Carta and the rights of citizens at risk.

Abascal has been a vocal adversary of Spain’s lockdown restrictions and has recently been accused of supporting calls for a military coup against Sanchez.

Leaked last week, WhatsApp messages between retired Air Force generals called for the right to rise up and overthrow the government, calling for ‘mass murder’ of Spanish citizens to ‘remove the cancer’.

Spain’s vice president Pablo Iglesias played down the threat, calling the chat ‘cowardly’ and insisted that it was merely a chat between retired old men after one too many drinks.

This isn’t the first time Vox supporters have taken to the streets to protest the COVID-19 restrictions.

Back in May, hundreds of protesters marched down Malaga’s iconic Calle Larios, waving Spanish flags and shouting slogans such as ‘Get Sanchez Out.’

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