SPAIN’S disgraced king emeritus, Juan Carlos I, is believed to be contemplating a return to Madrid for several days over the festive period.

However, independent news source reports that the royal has said he will only come home if his son, King Felipe VI, and the Spanish government approve of the plan.

So far, neither has commented on the topic.

The news comes after El Pais and El Mundo cited unidentified sources claiming that the former monarch wishes to confess to not paying taxes.

According to El Pais, this undeclared income exceeds €500,000.

Having abdicated in 2014, Juan Carlos I no longer enjoys crown immunity, and a government official recently said that the legal system should not grant him special treatment.

Earlier in 2020, King Felipe VI renounced his personal inheritance from Juan Carlos I, making it seem unlikely that he will assent to his father’s alleged Christmas plan.

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