A LEADING Costa Blanca hotel association says local councils are not doing enough to help its members through the current crisis caused by the pandemic.

Hosbec wants local taxes slashed and have called on municipalities to follow Madrid’s example inn adopting ‘urgent’ measures.

Hosbec has 279 members across the Valencian Community, with 232 of them in the tourist-critical area of Alicante Province.

The association has 27 members in Valencia Province and 20 in Castellon.

President, Toni Mayor, says that tax cuts for all hotel and tourist accommodation would go a long way to help, with Madrid already announcing such a package..

Hosbec want a 50% reduction in IBI and garbage collection taxes, as well as free public parking for all guests

Toni Mayor said: “If Madrid City Council has been able to do it, then the rest can also do it without providing any excuse that they cannot do anything for legal reasons.”

“Tourism has provided employment, growth, and prosperity to local society as it has contributed a lot of money. We need just a small part to be refunded to guarantee the industry’s future viability,” Mayor added.

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