A 34-year-old man from Monovar in Valencia Province has been charged with kidnapping a man and forcing him to pay him around €1,000.

The coercion also included the victim having to carry drugs in the genital area of his body to try to fool police agents.

The kidnapped man’s mother went to the Guardia Civil in Monovar on December 1 to file a missing person report after he failed to come back home from his daily visit to a local day centre.

He subsequently appeared at around midnight and told his mother that he had become ‘disorientated’.

Two days later, they told Guardia agents what the story was behind his disappearance.

The victim claimed that he had been kidnapped by a man and forced to get into his car.

They then drove south to Cartagena in the Murcia region where the kidnapper picked up 400 grams of cocaine.

To avoid being caught at any police checkpoints, the victim was forced to put the consignment in his genital area for the return journey to Monovar.

A key reason for the strange order was that the drug buyer could deny any knowledge of the cocaine if his companion just happened to be probed extensively by any police agents.

The victim told the Guardia that he had also been forced to hand over around €1,000 in cash payments to the man over a month.

In spite of just having a nickname to work with, Guardia agents discovered that the man’s coercer originally came from Elda.

He had lived in Monovar for several months as a squatter.

The operation resulted in his arrest and he was charged with kidnapping and coercion by the Novelda Investigating Court.

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