A WEDDING party of more than 300 guests has been broken up by police in Sevilla.

Police said the gathering, which took place in an urbanisation in Sevilla Este, was a ‘severe breach’ of restrictions.

The event had been organised in the common areas of a block of flats where over 300 partygoers had gathered to celebrate the nuptials.

According to sources from Emergencias Sevilla, the party, which took place on Sunday evening, was broken up without incident.


The same sources have reported that the majority of the guests were not wearing face masks or maintaining social distance measures.

According to the current state of alarm, municipalities that are on emergency level 3, including Sevilla city, the maximum capacity for wedding banquets is 50 people indoors and 75 outdoors.

Failure to comply with COVID-19 health measures in Andalucia can be expensive.

Below are some of the most common infringements and corresponding fines:

Minor infringements (€100 to €3,000)

  • Not wearing a mask: €100.
  • Wearing the mask incorrectly: €100.
  • Offences where authorities consider 15 people have been put at risk: €100 to €3,000.

Serious infringements (€3,000 to €60,000)

  • Offences where authorities consider between 15 and 100 people have been put at risk.
  • Resistance in collaboration with competent authorities.
  • Resistance to or obstruction of the provision of information to the competent authorities or their agents, as well as the provision of inaccurate information or failure to carry out or comply with health requirements.
  • Failure to report cases of suspected or diagnosed disease.

    Very serious infringements (€60,000 to 600,000)
  • Offences where authorities consider over 100 people have been put at risk.
  • Non-compliance with the general or specific hygiene and prevention measures established for each type of establishment or activity, whether in public or private spaces, which produces a high risk or very serious harm to the health of the population.
  • The opening of premises, the holding of events or the carrying out of activities which have been expressly prohibited or suspended by the current COVID-19 regulations, or have not been authorised and produce a very serious infringement or risk.

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